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Cub Camper Badge 2015

Our Cubs have been camping as part of the district’s Cub Camper Badge weekend at Fairmead this weekend.  Congratulations to everyone who’s taken part and thanks to everyone in the district who’s helped make this possible!

Cub Promise Renewal

Our Cubs have had a great day out for their promise renewal day with the district: renewing their promise at the Tower of London before venturing back to the cable car at North Greenwich.  An amazing day for all involved!

Group Centenary

Friday 10th April 2015 marks 100 years since the 23rd Poplar first met. We’ve come a long way from a small group of boys aged 11-18 meeting for the first time inspired by Scouting for Boys and we’ve got a

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Brownsea Island Centenary Camp

Easter weekend saw our Cubs and Scouts take to Brownsea Island for our centenary camp. Brownsea Island was the home to Baden Powell’s first experimental camp in 1907 which led to the formation of Scouting.  Everyone involved had an amazing

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Cake sale at St Paul’s church

Well done to everyone who helped with our bake sale at St Paul’s Church in Bow this afternoon. Many thanks to those parents who baked something for us! All proceeds are going towards our centenary year.

Cubs and Scouts get to meet the Duchess

It’s not just our Beavers who’ve been meeting royalty tonight, our Cubs and Scouts got to meet the Duchess of Cambridge as she arrived and left her meeting with the colony.  They’ve also been noticed by Clarence House… Eager Beaver

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Cub scientist badge

Well done to all the cubs who’ve been taking part in scientific experiments at Roland Philips Scout Centre. No cubs were harmed in the name of scientific endeavour!