Scouts is open to boys and girls aged 11 – 14

Joining us

Cubs move up sometime between the ages of 10.5 – 11 depending on when they are ready, and when other Cubs would be going up together.  During their “moving on” award Cubs come up to Scouts for half an hour each week to get a taste of what’s coming (and so that it’s not a complete shock when they do move up.)

If you’re looking at joining us from outside the group, then get in touch:

Questions for new parents

How much does it cost?

Scouts costs the same as Cubs.  £10 a month / £30 each term.

We’d obviously rather you paid for a term at a time, but if you need to be flexible then you can pay £10 each month for the first 3 months in a term.

If you’re coming up from Cubs, just keep paying the same as usual.  If you’ve moved up in the middle of the month then nothing changes and whatever you’ve already paid counts towards Scouts instead of Cubs.

If you’re completely new to Scouts then you don’t have to pay anything until you make your promise and properly become part of the group.  At that point you should pay £30 of back subs, and if you didn’t get on with the group then no hard feelings.

What about uniform?

You don’t need any uniform for your first 5 weeks at Scouts and the leaders will sort out uniform with you during this time.  You’ll still score full marks in inspection every week, but after the 5th week you can only score half marks for inspection and will drag down your patrol’s score.

If you’re coming up from Cubs, then you need to wear your Cub top and scarf every week.  You’ll lose points the same as the other Scouts would for having a missing woggle, scarf, etc… Once you reach your 5th week you need to start wearing a Scout shirt, but no scarf (until you get invested.)

Do I have to be a Christian or believe in God?

No.  Just the same as many people believe that Scouts is just for boys, we welcome anyone from any background just the same.

For many years the Scouts have had alternative promises that can be made by members of other faiths who felt uncomfortable making a promise to “God”.  Since 2014 there has also been an alternative promise for members of no faith.  If you want to make an alternate promise then just say.